Meeting Ukrainian girls online is not only vivid emotions and impressions, but also many pitfalls and difficulties and If you understand that you certainly will be much closer to success.
Employees of Kiev dating agency ‘’ interviewed more than a hundred men, who have tried to find a bride on-line and received these respondents about the main difficulties encountered in the process of finding a life partner:

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- Using professional photo shoot on dating sites and after that some of the pictures are processed Photoshop as a result you are disappointed during a personal meeting.

- Lots of lie. Some ladies on the dating sites describe themselves wrong or the way they would like to look.

- Some girls just want to have fun, short term relationship and a profit; they are not looking for a life partner for long-term relationships.

- ‘Mail order brides-, girls who just want to chat, send emails and never agree to meet in a real life.

- Unrealistic expectations, they expect too much from a partner.

- Married women who write that they are single.

- The paradox of choice. Getting more and more choice s of Ukrainian brides online, there is subconsciously increased search criteria that shall entail difficulty in choosing the only one whom you were looking for.
However, it is not that bad as described by the participants of our study. The online dating service taking over the world with great speed, and the increasing majority of the daily marriages in the United States is the result of online dating. It means that with proper and correct approach, dating online can be effective and high quality, with no disappointments.

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So, at what you should pay attention to:
1 Photos. It is very important to post a photo portrait and a full body shot, so that everyone will be able to see all beauty of the girls. A photo a woman with a child describes lady’s responsibility, but as a rule women save up these pictures for a close contact with a new partner.

2 Self-Description. Read carefully how ladies describe themselves. General expectations and point of view are very important at the initial stage of dating.

3. Video. It is not a very popular feature yet, but it works great. If you like a woman on a dating site and she has a short video about herself it means she is interested in a serious relationship, openness and honesty.

4. Skype. We recommend using the possibilities of video chat or Skype to get to know the partner by correspondence. Do not rush out on a date before the pre-chat with a partner by phone, Skype or online chat.

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