There are a lot of sites dedicated to the topic of scam on Ukrainian dating sites, but there are not less scammers and any of us can be caught in their net. And for it you shouldn’t be rich or stupid, even the smartest of us get into their tricks. Just being in search for love, in search for your only woman we start being more vulnerable than usually. And that is love that is becoming an instrument of deceit – scammers use our feelings and our striving for being loved to supplement their banking account. However, a knowledge of how to recognize a scammer will help you to protect yourself.

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1. Treat quick love confessions with suspicion. Surely, online dating, especially on dating sites suppose a quicker development of relationships and building of mutual plans for future, but…
If after a couple of mails or a week of communication a girl starts saying she loves you desperately and for the whole life you should keep off.
Expressing your feelings towards you even if you don’t know each other well, didn’t talk on Skype and over the phone is a warning sign. No right Ukrainian woman will talk about her feelings in such circumstances.

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2. Follow the logic of events. When scammers think that they have caught you they start slowly (or quickly) talking of their main idea – money help. They will convince you that they are on their way to be with you and starting a new life with you. However, problems emerge unexpectedly, an extreme financial situation. They can ask you for money directly or try to do it voluntary as a real gentleman.
Thinks why this woman (girl) has time and possibility to write you a letter and ask for money, but can’t turn to her colleagues, friends or relatives? Why is that you who should pay for anything. And if you haven’t even once met a girl personally (or at least hrough skype) it’s a 100% scammer.

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